Morro Negrito is located on an island off the coast of Chiriqui, Panama. The atmosphere is laidback and similar to that of a camp. We provide a dining area where the entire camp gets together to eat, watch videos, play cards and socialize. Around the camp you will find hammocks to relax when you want to catch some Z's or watch your friends surf out front. If you enjoy an adventure, Morro Negrito is the place for you.

Camp size

The camp has a maximum occupant limit of 20-25. We keep the numbers limited in order to provide the best service and experience possible.

General Camp Layout

All of the camp rooms are tiled and have electricity. Around the camp you will find areas with hammocks and sun bathing chairs to lounge in. There are a few showers located around the camp to rinse off after a surf session.


The Rooms are basic and usually hold two campers at a time. Upon request we will provide a room with a larger bed for couples. The floors are tiled and you will find a night stand within the room. We try and maintain a fan in every room, but most often the ocean breeze is sufficient.


There are three bathrooms that contain a shower, sink and toilet. The bathrooms are tiled and cleaned regularly.

Dining/Recreational Area

The dining area is a central location at the camp where all the campers get together to eat and socialize. The dining area contains a TV, a small library, a ping pong table, a source for filtered water and a variety of other random things.


Three meals a day are provided as part of the package. The meals are healthy and often contain an assortment of fruit. We are able to accommodate special diets upon request. Sodas and Beers are a dollar each and can be purchased right outside the kitchen.


The electricity comes from solar and wind energy. Every once in awhile we will turn on a gas powered generator. The electricity to the camp is normally turned off during the day and is turned on as soon as the sun begins to set. There is usually electricity in the dining area 24/7.


The water at the camp comes from a very pristine lava rock spring. Once the water arrives at the camp, it is filtered to ensure cleanliness. If that isn't enough, there is faucet in the dining area that filters the water again.


  • Surf Lessons (Surfboard rentals available)
  • Snorkeling (Equipment not provided)
  • Spearfishing (Equipment not provided)
  • Fishing (Equipment not provided)
  • Nature Hike
  • Hike to Waterfall